How To Fit Christmas Into Your College Dorm or Apartment

There are several obstacles to great interior decoration in college: namely, budget, time, and space. This Christmas season, we are coming to you early with cheap and easy DIY decorations to give your dorm room or apartment a little holiday cheer.

Rosemary Wreath

Images Courtesy of The Pretty Blog.

Make a mini version of one of the season’s most iconic decorations with only a rubber band, , and fresh rosemary, which can be found any supermarket. These small wreathes look great hanging up, or tucked under place settings and gift wrapping.

Instructions can be found .

Gold Christmas Lights

Image Courtesy of Landeelu

This DIY is as easy as they come. A quick coat of gold will give your lights a festive feel, but will still look great in your room well after the holiday season is over.

Instructions can be found .

Gold Branches

Image Courtesy of  A Practical Wedding.

While you’re at it, spray paint a few twigs and put them in a mason jar on your desk. Sounds silly, but you’ll thank me for it.

Instructions and other similar ideas can be found .


Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Image Courtesy of Scissors and Spoons.

The best part about this alternative Christmas tree is that it can sit in the palm of your hand. All you need is a little , a pine cone, and green paint. Stars are optional. (The blogger from Scissors and Spoons made hers from tin foil, but  is an option from Amazon.)

Instructions can be found .

Twig Candle Votives

Image Courtesy of

This was actually one of my first DIYs. (Oh, the memories!) Gather twigs from outside and superglue them onto a drug store candle for a sophisticated, festive feel.

Add a Sprig of Green to the Photos You Already Have

Image Courtesy of Artifact Uprising

Use the leftover rosemary from the wreathes to add a touch of the holidays to photos you already have hanging up. Artifact Uprising also suggests using this sneakily easy technique for personalized holiday wrapping.

Instructions can be found .

Minimalist Christmas Tree

Image Courtesy of .

This DIY doesn’t have instructions, but it’s beautiful to look at! Throw together a few twigs and simulate pine sprigs with rosemary.

For more minimalist Christmas ideas, click .



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