Look at your screen, now around you. Where are you? You’re in a car, perhaps surrounded by your loud, unruly family and/or friends.What are you holding? Now back at me. I have it; it’s those bloating roadside snacks that make you feel not-so-good about your six-hour drive.

Look again, the snacks are now healthy, pre-packed portions designed to keep your taste buds delighted and your stomach comfortably quiet.

Anything is possible when you plan ahead and don’t get stranded with expired Doritos on the Mass Pike.

I’m in the kitchen.


Trail Bars

Trail mix, meet your older, hotter, better-dressed cousin: the trail bar. Ditch the sugary, not-so-fresh bagged mix for a homemade energy bar. Your taste buds are already profusely thanking you. We love banana bread granola bars, and almond coconut bars (gluten free!).


Fruit Chips

Hey, you. Put down that bag of artificial cheese and high fructose corn syrup. It’s time for some . Apple chips.


Grain Salads

Gone are your days of being forced to down measly, wilting salads on the road. Introducing your new best friend: the grain salad. The night before you leave, toss your ingredients together in a travel bag or some tupperware and set your alarm. Or don’t–it’s your life, you live it. We like sweet and spicy thai farro salad. For a tamer taste, try whole wheat couscous salad with cherries and arugula.


Spring Rolls

A spring roll is a beautiful thing.Wrapped in rice paper, it’s much healthier than it’s fried sibling. What’s more, it’s completely customizable, and is the perfect travel food (light, neat, not smelly). We like spicy lentil rolls and  sweet chili roasted sweet potato rolls.


Pita Sandwiches (Pitawiches? Yes.)

Easy to transport, easy to love. You’ll never go back to a greasy roadside fast food sandwich again (unless, of course, the need strikes). We recommend the kale, apple, and avocado pita, but all of variations look delicious. We also like crispy tofu sandwiches.


Backpack Cookies

cookies are good for you.

You’re welcome.

Text adapted from the comedy geniuses working for Old Spice. Images from The First Mess, A Beautiful Mess (sensing a theme), The Fig Tree Blog, Sprouted Kitchen, Love and Lemons, Happy Hearted Kitchen, respectively.