The most productive use of my time this winter break was definitely catching up on the hit show American Horror Story. Each season is a new story inspired by your typical horror clichés, such as a haunted house or insane asylum.

The current season focuses on a coven of witches, and with Jessica Lange leading a star cast that includes Emma Roberts and Angela Bassett, it is too easy to binge watch. Not only is the show entertaining, but the style is something to watch as well. In a house full of bad witches, there’s plenty of black, hats, Angela Bassett in jumpsuits, and Stevie Nicks worship to provide inspiration. As I usually retreat to wearing monochrome black ensembles in the winter anyway (and what a doozy this winter is turning out to be), the ladies of American Horror Story demonstrate how to wear black and not be boring. Flowing sleeves, textured fabrics, and skilled accessorizing keep all black looks interesting and stylish. And though the show is set in New Orleans, Emma Roberts’s character inexplicably wears fur in almost every episode, so the costumes are still wearable for the winter, while maintaining their chic witchiness.

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