Harrison Yu is a second-year majoring in Political Science here at the University of Chicago. Having always been interested in wearing nice clothes, Harrison participated in Designer Boot Camp last year for the MODA Spring Show 2012. This year, Harrison is the coordinator of Designer Boot Camp and has five pieces in the MODA Spring Show 2013.

In this year’s show, Harrison says he was inspired by “the color and movement of smoke.” As we can see from his beautiful sketches above, Harrison incorporates the flowy, mesmerizing movement of smoke in his dresses in subtle yet elegant ways. Beyond his sketches, however, Harrison says that he loves taking ordinary ideas and making them interesting and new — on one of the dresses that will be showcased in March, Harrison is using tulle on the outside instead of the usual inside to see “how expensive people can look” and have a little fun.

When asked about his favorite designers, Harrison says that he loved the old couture scene in Paris, claiming that nowadays, haute couture was very avant garde but not classically beautiful. He says that currently, he loves Christian Dior and Oscar de la Renta. However, he also admires Chanel when she first started: “I loved how her attitude was really out there and against the grain, with appeal to the normal women.”

Harrison is excited to see how MODA plans on topping the Spring Show 2012 this year… And you should be too! If you haven’t already, make sure to get your tickets for the Spring Show 2013 , and check back for more sneak peeks as the show draws nearer.

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(All photos taken by Ivy Zhang.)