10 Cocktails to Awaken Your Holiday Cheer

As the Christmas tunes begin to play and the gift shopping begins, what better way to end a long day than by sharing a holiday cocktail with friends or family? Try these cocktails for a festive friends night in and cozy up together, watch a movie, and sip a yummy drink. Enjoy!

Hot Buttered Rye


Pretend you’re at Hogwarts this holiday season with this spicy drink.

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Jingle Juice


A sweet drink that you can garnish with the all the candy canes that will accumulate on your desk this month.

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Cocoa Nog


Chocolate + eggnog is the perfect combination of holiday tradition with a classically delicious twist.

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Cranberry Hot Toddy


This vodka drink combines cranberry, a pinch of lemon and three tablespoons of honey for a warm drink with a light, fresh feel.

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Apple-Ale Wassail


Cozy up by the fire with this apple cider cocktail. Wassail, wassail!

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Pumpkin Pie Martini


If this drink doesn’t scream fun, what does? Pumpkin pie is one of the best pies ever and now it’s an alcoholic beverage. Amazing!

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Cocoa Raspberry Heaven


Heaven is right when it comes to this drink, and if you drink 8 cups of it, just remember that the raspberries on top can be your fruit serving for the day.

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Hot Peppermint Rod


If this drink’s candy cane coloring and garnish aren’t enough to get you in the holiday spirit, turn on Jingle Bells and this drink will definitely take you there.

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Capital Eggnog


No drink properly epitomizes the holiday spirit quite like eggnog. Spice this recipe up with Praline or bourbon liqueur.

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Gingerbread Martini


How awesome would it be to build a gingerbread house and drink a gingerbread martini at the same time? The perfect drink for a holiday-inspired arts and crafts night with your friends.

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Happy Holidays!


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