Blogs to Follow: Girl with Purple Gucci’s

Rising second year of UChicago, Tobi Gbile, isn’t just balancing academics and extracurriculars (including being a fellow MODA blogger). She’s also a published author and runs her own blog that covers a wide spectrum of topics, from fashion and summer music playlists to what is hot and trending. Read on for an interview with the incredibly sweet and fun Tobi.

What made you want to start a blog, and how did you decide what you wanted to post?

I wanted a way to combine my love for writing and entertainment/fashion (other than writing books haha).  I started out with fashion, celebrity, and music news, but then decided to personalize it more by taking away the “news” aspect and just writing about new bands/artists on my radar, seasonal playlists, concert experiences, and fashion trends for the upcoming seasons that I have in my closet myself.

You write a wide range of topics in your blog; what is your absolute favorite to cover and why?

Music is definitely my favorite to cover! Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with it, and I love discovering new music, so why not share my new discoveries with my readers?  It’s never boring because there is new music every week to listen to.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I would like to think of myself as city-grunge . . . I LOVE dark color palettes, over-sized tops, chunky footwear, and statement jewelry, but at the same time, college made me adore girly whites, hounds-tooth, preppy sweaters, and collared shirts.  I guess I fall somewhere in between!

What are some of your favorite blogs to follow?

My #1 pick is Boobs & Loubs by Morgan Stewart! She has an amazing sense of humor and I love her style, as well as her hilarious friends on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

As an author yourself, what is your favorite book?

This might sound childish but The Clique by Lisi Harrison!  They helped kick-start my obsession with fashion and introduced me to my own writing style at a young age.

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