Beauty Favorites: Dewey, Fresh Faces

It is no surprise that a dewey, glowing, fresh face is all the rage at the start of Spring. Prior to binging and blowing a paycheck at Sephora and Glossier, I had always been afraid of cream based products and feared they wouldn't blend or my face would get oily. Boy, was I wrong! 

Despite the uncharacteristically warm weeks of mid-February this year in Chicago, the past months of Winter wind and dry air really did a number on my skin. Frequently dry and flaking, especially around my nose, I finally had had enough and have now taken a vow to quit my lazy "makeup-wipe-and-off-to-bed" routine. 

With all my many new makeup and skincare items now in tow, I am here to share some tricks and products that make dewey, glowy skin an achievable goal, even after months (or 20 years) of neglect. 

Fashion Confessions: Shopping in the Kids' Section

After successfully perusing the typical Women's sale section in attempts to exhaust gift card funds while still being painfully frugal, slightly tipsy me decided to take a peak at the clothes intended for small children aged 4 to 14. While I almost always regret my alcohol-induced clothing purchases, I am pleasantly surprised as this order finally arrived on my doorstep. I am by no means a tiny-sized person and normally wear a medium, and these child's clothes fit me perfectly (Pro-Tip: the size ages 11-12 and 13-14 generally fit like an adult's small or medium).