Pierced by J. Colby Smith

A new piercing (whether it be ear, nose, bellybutton, etc.) is an almost obligatory mark of college “rebellion.” Traditionally considered punk, multiple piercings have become more common, not only on college campuses, but also in the workplace and “real world.”  Professional piercer and jewelry designer J. Colby Smith is transforming the craft and calls his clients…


June Events in Chicago

Downtown Sound// Mondays & Thursdays, beginning June 1 Bring a picnic and drinks and enjoy free music in Millennium Park Caffeine Crawl// June 4-5 27 coffee, tea, and chocolate shops around the city come together to showcase their best brews, treats, and beans Movies in the Park// Beginning June 4 Watch a film in parks…

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Exploration: MODA Mag Launch Party

Join us today from 7-9PM on the Delgiorno Terrace at the Logan Center to celebrate the launch of the Summer edition of the MODA magazine and end of the school year! This issue’s theme investigates “exploration” in fashion, food, and beauty. Explore your personal style and join us in mingling with friends, listening to music, and enjoying food…

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Greek Chic

Gone are the days where a simple pocket tee and chevron letters are all that sorority girls sport to social events, class, the gym, or really anywhere.  Since it is part of our duty to rock our letters, it only makes sense that we unleash our brooding fashionistas and wear them not only with pride,…

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Spring Into Accessories

Even though the Chicago weather is sparingly generous, the tempting sun and green grass are slowly encouraging us to trade our drab winter palette for something brighter and more cheery. It’s time to sport shorter sleeves and higher hemlines. Why not give your bare skin a little flair?! Spring and Summer are the perfect time…

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Song of the Week: Baby One More Time [Refix]

There is never enough Britney in the world. We have Brayton Bowman to thank for giving us one more Britney remix (or “refix”) to dance to as we get ready for class, prep for a night out, and everything in between. Enjoy.

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Spring Cleaning: MODA Clothing Swap

Join MODA as we clean our closets and spruce up our current wardrobes at the MODA Swap Party! Bring your lightly worn clothes and accessories (no lingerie or swimwear please) to Bartlett on Tuesday from 6-8PM. Your items will be exchanged for tokens that can be redeemed for any items at the party itself on…


China Through the Orientalist Looking Glass

This year’s Met Gala theme– China: Through the Looking Glass– has been the source of great debate. Take a peak through blogger Gordon’s glasses to see what he thinks about some of the star’s ensembles. Sarah Jessica Parker in custom H&M Dress, Philip Treacy hat Fresh off her win at Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, American Pharoah, [sic]…


Reform Your Closet With Reformation

You know those stores (or in the age of online shopping, websites) where you go in looking for one specific shirt and end up walking out with 10+ items of clothing that you cannot wait to wear? That’s how we feel about Reformation. The epitome of simple chic with an interesting twist, Reformation has everything you could…


Vaporwave Fashion

 Vaporwave is difficult to describe in full: it is both an aesthetic and a cultural movement that is having a major moment in fashion. Closely related to seapunk, this aesthetic takes cues from cyberpunk and dystopian capitalism and often features Japanese writing, grid motifs, classical sculptures, and 80s and 90s technology.  Recently, certain brands have…