Hack Your Feed: Cool Design Instagrams to Explore

Here are some of my favorite accounts to grace your feed with some quality graphics! 

Appreciation of graphic design (predominantly in the poster domain) has always been one of my hobbies, but not until recently did I discover the booming community on Instagram that shares this love. Albeit, I'm more of a gawker than a creator ("let's drop quantum mechanics to design loudly graphic posters" sometimes does cross my mind though, normally during p-sets), yet this recently curated list has been all my thumbs have been double tapping and scrolling of late. 

2017 Elections: This Year's Biggest Winners

One year after Donald Trump's presidential win, United States citizens voted in elections at the local and regional level, including gubernatorial elections, elections to city councils, and mayoral elections.  This year's elections featured several incredibly memorable races, and included some milestones for underrepresented groups in the political sphere. In case you were too busy studying to keep up with the news, here's a recap of this years biggest winners.  

FW17: Aritzia's Latest Brands

As a lifelong Aritzia fan and shopaholic, my wallet and bank account cry as I write this post and curate some of my recent favorites from Aritzia's latest brand releases. Recently making my way to their new Chicago Flagship Store on Rush Street, I have noticed a couple new tags for brands I have yet to discover. 

In the spirit of FW17 shopping sprees (and working extra shifts in the Reg to compensate for this), here are some of my favorite ~new releases~ from my favorite collective brand.