2017 Elections: This Year's Biggest Winners

One year after Donald Trump's presidential win, United States citizens voted in elections at the local and regional level, including gubernatorial elections, elections to city councils, and mayoral elections.  This year's elections featured several incredibly memorable races, and included some milestones for underrepresented groups in the political sphere. In case you were too busy studying to keep up with the news, here's a recap of this years biggest winners.  

FW17: Aritzia's Latest Brands

As a lifelong Aritzia fan and shopaholic, my wallet and bank account cry as I write this post and curate some of my recent favorites from Aritzia's latest brand releases. Recently making my way to their new Chicago Flagship Store on Rush Street, I have noticed a couple new tags for brands I have yet to discover. 

In the spirit of FW17 shopping sprees (and working extra shifts in the Reg to compensate for this), here are some of my favorite ~new releases~ from my favorite collective brand. 

The Cheapest Clubbing in Paris

With a dozen different study abroad programs in Paris, it seems like there are hordes of UChicago students wandering the streets of France’s capital at any given time. Grab your friends, practice your French in a new setting, and dance your worries away.

Blogger's Day in The Life: Kathryn

I've always found myself in an odd mix of skepticism and inspiration by the classic college promotion advertisement of "What Our Student's Do In A Day" - often too good to be true (read: do you really have time for yoga three times a week while taking honors analysis? These are the questions I'd like an answer to UChicago Administration!) yet often provocative of a lust for the glory of time management. In the spirit of breaking these mixed feelings, I've decided to embark on a journey of showcasing some of our blogger's daily schedules - whether they will be mundane (as mine), artistically inspiring, or spurn light-class-load envy is yet to be decided.